Julie filmer
Julie did this because she implicitly believes that life can be a positive experience and enjoyable … irrespective of the myriad of difficulties and challenges that come our way … “Otherwise, what is the point of being alive?” she asks.
She is motivated by her cheerful and inspiring outlook on life and her husband, Rob, astounded the medical profession when he went on to live another 17 years until his death in 2010.

Although Rob Filmer became a legend in his own right, it was thanks to Julie’s steadfast love, nursing, courage, commitment and positive approach that he survived as long as he did. Together, they ‘moved mountains’ and co-founded Eco-Access in 1994. This organization’s initial objective was to give people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy and care for South Africa’s magnificent natural heritage.

Eco-Access grew into a program where disabled and non-disabled people were twinned so as to build bridges between them, whilst breaking down the barriers of fear which so often exist between people who are so-called ‘different’.
Instead of falling into a pit of despair when Rob passed away, Julie decided to rather climb Mount Kilimanjaro and 9 months later, she began her climb …

The date was the 2nd of August 2011; Rob’s birthday. Julie’s intention was to honor her late husband, to fly a lovingly-created flag on Uhuru Peak (the summit of Mount Kilimanjarro). The end result launched her career as a dynamic professional speaker.

In her lively presentations, Julie passionately (and unreservedly) shares her very personal journey. It is a journey of bravery in the face of overwhelming hurdles; about resilience and her ability to bounce forward, even when she has been faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Having walked the walk, Julie dedicates her life to empowering people with coping strategies designed to help them deal with relationships and other challenges.

Her talks and workshops motivate and inspire individuals to reach their full potential, to achieve their dreams and to the live the lives that they really deserve; no matter the odds.

Topics for Keynote Presentations and Workshops
Life is the journey …
• Live the Journey
• Resilience, Motivation and Relationships
• Creating Positive Work and Living Environments
• Now is what we have
• Wellness in the Workplace
• Detoxifying Toxic Mindsets
• Dealing with Intense Disappointment and Loss
• Adapting Positively to Change
• How to successfully Fail
• Motivating Communities to be Successful

Qualifications (Academic and Life)
Julie qualified with a BSc in Dietetics (1985) and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Dietetics (1986). She practiced at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital for a few years before as an intrepid adventurer headed off overseas to explore the world. In Iceland, she ‘qualified’ as a fish packer, packing fish in a factory for six months and in Israel, she spent two months picking peach blossoms. Both experiences taught her about life at grass roots level, and some of the challenges people have to face on a day-to-day basis, in order to survive.
After returning to South Africa and managing her own private practice as a dietician, she married Rob Filmer in 1993.

In 1998, Julie co-authored the book, "Giving People with Disabilities the Opportunity to enjoy our Natural Heritage".  She has also written numerous articles on ‘Access to the Natural Environment’ as well as ‘the inclusion of ALL people into ALL aspects of society and life’.

The book Julie began to co-author with her late husband, Rob, should be available in 2013. It describes their incredible journey of living life to the full, against seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

• Finalist in the South African leg of the Ma Afrika Award, 1996
• Joint Vocational Award with Rob Filmer, Rotary International – Orange Grove Club, 2002
• President’s Award from the Wildlife and Environment Society of Southern Africa to Eco-Access, September 2004
• Joint Kudu Award from SA National Parks for Community Contribution to Conservation, 2009

Speaking experience
Julie has travelled and spoken extensively since the mid 1990’s on the importance of caring for South Africa’s natural heritage and her people. Her aim has always been to create a culture where all people are automatically integrated into the planning, development and execution of facilities, programmes and resources within the context of the natural environment. The concept of ‘all people’ includes everyone from young to old, no matter what their creed or colour, as well as people with various disabilities i.e. people with visual, hearing, intellectual and/or physical impairments. Emphasis is never placed on making separate, segregating facilities, but rather on universal design, ensuring that all facilities and programmes are accessible to everyone.

Julie, through her dynamic environmental-cum-social presentations, helped to pioneer accessible eco-tourism opportunities, environmental tours, hiking and interpretative trails and camps which have enriched thousands of lives worldwide.

She appears regularly on radio and has been interviewed by SABC2.
Julie is an active member of Toastmasters International and the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.

Testimonies from Clients
"This was a fascinating session from a number of points of view:
- Julie's clarity, openness and sincerity
- The engaging nature of her content
- The applicability of her experiences to our lives
- The positive emotional context that her story created

For me it was an inspiring and challenging event, arising from high quality presentation and event management." (Ian Jones, Life Coach)
"In failure, Julie found success" (My Treat Event)

“I have heard many inspirational speakers and you are one of THE BEST I have heard. Honest, true and from the heart. Your journey is just beginning!” (Elaine Teague)

“A truly, down to earth, professional talk!! You could hear a pin drop! A remarkable woman with a remarkable lesson in life!!!” (Malcolm Bury)

“Thank you for sharing your very personal journey in such a way that shows us how special each of our journeys are.  It’s wonderful to be reminded of the choices we have of victim or master. May you continue to master life and live it all for both you and Rob” (Shelley and Don Adams)

“Wow! Amazing – did not know whether to laugh or cry - Truly entertaining, inspiring and motivational. Feel like I can conquer the journey now. Thank you so much.” (Renee Shields)

“What an Experience. Thank you for sharing your mountain. I am going home to love my family and savor each day. Thank you!” (G. Johnstone – St. Mary’s School)

“When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear!!! I needed to hear your message. Thank you” (Gillian Smith)
“Very inspirational. I am only 11 years old and thoroughly enjoyed your talk” (Tayana Dorland)