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Davey du Plessis

A passionate, driven and charismatic human being, Davey du Plessis is inspired by his quest to make a positive difference in the world.

Davey has worked with individuals and groups on all levels, throughout the world. His passionate character is inspiring others to explore their unique gifts and to fulfil their endless potential.
With the utilization of adventure, he further shares this source of experience of what is possible and what the unlimited potential of the human spirit (and mind) can achieve.

He is passionate about the environment and he believes that it is important to respect and protect all life forms.
He has had the privilege of travelling extensively around the globe, including the USA, Europe and the Caribbean.  In 2011, he completed an arduous cycle adventure from Egypt to South Africa, with his good friend, Ricki Nethercote. The trip was geared towards addressing the housing issues faced by most of rural Africa. The pair managed to raise much needed funds for the building of these homes.

In July 2012, Davey embarked on his second cause-based adventure, named World Wonderer.
The goal of this mission was a solo source to sea navigation of the Amazon River; to draw attention to the adversities faced by the natural world and all its life forms. The key objective of this project was to promote individual empowerment, whilst addressing environmental issues.

Utilizing first-hand experience and acquired local knowledge, he set out to discover the root causes of these various issues, whilst promoting sustainable, empowering and inspiring solutions.

Through making progress in the Amazon, he was shot and left for dead whilst kayaking. Incredibly, Davey survived, despite the severe nature of his injuries. Doctors believe that his survival defies medical science!

Despite this horrific incident, Davey maintains a positive outlook, mental strength and a physical state of well-being.
He manages to share his story within the contexts of his life experience and understanding of human potential with an eloquence and endearing humility which captivates and inspires all audiences.
Davey du Plessis is on track with publishing his book in May 2013.

“Now, I leave you with the question that kick started everything for me – what good can you do today, better yet, who can you inspire to become a greater human being?” – Davey Du Plessis